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DIversity is key in a busy photographic studio and as such it has seen us capturing some precious family portraits and pet portrait photography on the sat of the busy mothers day weekend along with people coming into Leading Imagery to view and select which images they want from previous shoots.


One of the shots from one of our family portrait shoots this weekend

Pet portrait are becoming more and more popular, and why not when you have an Award winning pet photographer right on your door step!

Mothering Sunday, a time usually spent showering our mum's (and in our case as our daughter is only 9 months months old)  and wifes aswell with gifts, was spent with the lovely couple Kate and Darren whose wedding we have the pleasure of shooting at Woodborough Hall, discusiing their wedding day and also having a bit of a pre wedding shoot at the venue, who despite it being Mothers Day, and rushed off there feet were very accomadating.

As many of our previous bride and grooms will testify a pre wedding shoot is a great way to get to know your bride and groom and vice versa. This way getting the best possible reults on your wedding day.

When you book your us to capture your wedding photography, we always give you the pre shoot free of charge and not as an added extra


Here is a couple of shots from the pre wedding shoot at Woodborough Hall.

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Pre Wedding Shoot http://leadingimagery.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/3/pre-wedding-shoot Busy day in the studio today, but we also already now have one eye on the Wedding we have coming up on the 28th March at Woodborough Hall in Notts.

We have the pre-shoot tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled from a sneak preview.

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Copyright Laws changing for the better. Worth a quick read http://leadingimagery.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/2/copyright-laws-changing-for-the-better-worth-a-quick-read Just a quick post to another website and a worth while read about the Laws of copyright and how it going to be easier to recoup theft from your work.




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Leading Imagery photography, pet photography in Chesterfield. http://leadingimagery.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/2/leading-imagery-photography-pet-photography-in-chesterfield Leading Imagery photography, pet photography in Chesterfield.Leading Imagery photography, pet photography in Chesterfield.

We have decided to enter our award winning shot into www.bestshots.co.uk to see how the image is percieved by different judges. Wish us luck.

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